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What can you do if you spill liquid on a Acer laptop?

You are probably familiar with all warnings keep electronic equipment away from water sources to prevent damage to the device and to avoid injury.But if you spill liquid on your Acer laptop, potential damage depends on the components have been exposed, what type of liquid spilled and whether the computer is turned on.This also determines how to respond to a spill avoid permanent damage to your laptop and your Acer AS07B32 battery.

Remove power from the laptop.This is a crucial step.Do not try to shut down the computer through software.Remove the power cords attached, then remove the Acer AS07B31 battery.Since liquids conduct electricity, moisture on all electrical components inside can cause electricity access various components.Remove power can not only protect the components, but may prevent you from being electrocuted if the spill was large.You may lose some of your work, but the safety and protect the equipment are more important.

Open your laptop so that the bottom and the top two supported, then it messing up.This allows the liquid to drain off the keyboard and away from critical components without contacting the instructor.Allowing liquid to drain through the computer with gravity can cause components or Acer AS07B41 battery to communicate with less.The hard drive and processor to Acer laptops usually have a few layers of plastic or metal that can act as a barrier, but a liquid can penetrate past these barriers if gravity is allowed to work too long.

Blot the spill with an absorbent towel.It is preferable to wiping, dabbing, since wiping the liquid may spread to other places if the towel is not absorbent enough.Such as your Acer AS07B42 battery, then your battery maybe can't be uesd anymore.Although you might be tempted to perform this step first, you must remove power first, then return the laptop to allow the liquid to drain.If you can, dab the spill, while the laptop is reversed.This not only protects more infiltration, but allows the liquid to flow into the towel, pulling it away from the case.

Allow the laptop to dry overnight.Place it in a dry environment and do not use heaters to accelerate the drying process, such as a furnace or heater.It is essential that all components are allowed to dry thoroughly before evaluating the next step in the process.If the spill was the only water after all the water has evaporated, the computer can be safe to activate and use electricity if no damage has been incurred at the time of the spill.If the liquid was not water, you may need to be cleaned or replaced some components.

Contact Acer Support, especially if the spill was not water.If your laptop is still under warranty, you may be able to send your computer and Acer AS07B51 battery to a Acer technician to clean, repair, or both.Warranty for spills, however, is not covered under the basic warranty, but only under warranty, purchased.Unless you are familiar with working with computer components, it does not recommend removing the laptop, as this may void your warranty and cause damage.

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